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Many destinations very welcome to greet whoever across the world. If you are the one who love traveling, do not miss all these charming places where will fulfill your magnificent holiday. Our websites with more than hundreds of the most famous tourist attractions will provide you the information of any paradises on earth no matter where you want to visit or just drop in. Have no idea how or when to get start? We have all information for any gadabouts to guide you in traveling including accommodations, transportation, diet, and so forth. We provide you with the best accommodations ranged from the most luxury hotels to cheap hotels. Feel bored about humdrum traveling? Various kinds of holiday trip packages are waiting for you to choose like one-day trip to a famous city, interesting and exciting activity, etc. We present interesting content with updated travel guide around the planet.

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Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean

Despite of the only 240 square kilometers of land, it occupies 1.8 million square kilometers of the Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the ocean. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, the islands own the paradise of any sea lovers across the world. As the richness of beautiful natural resources, Cook Islands’ tourism industry gains the most of leading element of the economy; much far beyond the banking, pearls, marine, and fruit exports. With net of 15 islands, the Cook Islands cavers the size of India in a number of small New Zealand populations. The lovely islands have their own government and language in the diversity of cultures and marine lives that considered very charming in any visitors’ vistas.


Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean

There is on high-rise hotel in the area, however, only the cozy little beach buggies and residences seem to be the ideal destination for the tourists who are seeking for the clam sea and the real relaxation. Visitors can have special experience with the spectacular panoramic view of the nice clear blue sky meet together with the white sandy beaches and the turquoise sea water. Cook Island consist of the many lovely island that is the frequency visited for visitor worldwide; for example Northern Atolls, Palmerston, Aitutaki, Atiu, Rarotonga, and Mangaia. These sets of islands are very popular for the romantic wedding and honeymoon, and other kinds of water sports.